Thursday, 14 February 2013

I Want It! Nishe Butterfly Mesh Prom Dress

I just had to put this up for today because it's such a perfect Valentine's Day dress. I know it can be rather a pain to be caught up in the cliches and cheesiness and the annoying couples, but personally I always find something to love about the 14th of February. A lot of it has to do with its tendency to be pretty, sweet and smothered in chocolate.

So whether you're single or taken, I challenge you to take on Valentine's day with an open mind and a cheerful spirit. Everything's a lovely pink or red or covered in hearts or flowers or butterflies, just like this dress, which is currently on sale at ASOS for £99. It's ideal for getting into the mood.

And take heart even if you don't fancy the lovey-dovey atmosphere of today, for just remember that tomorrow there will be an abundance of discounted chocolate.


Alicia said...

This is so cute! Would have been perfect for Valentine's Day.

Richard Marx said...

Good post. I'm happy to read it. Thanks for sharing.