Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Costume suggestions for the 12th Doctor

So, it's been a little under two weeks since Peter Capaldi was announced as the 12th Doctor in the BBC's long-running sci-fi favourite, Doctor Who. Already guesses are being made as to what kind of Doctor he'll be, how he'll work with Jenna Coleman, and what direction the show will take as a whole. But, for me, there is one important question, the answer to which I think will dictate how his portrayal develops and is received more than anything else: what is he going to wear?

Matt Smith and David Tennant, both in David Tennant's costume
I've only seen New Who episodes (2005 onwards) but I still know that when a changeover of actors occurs, then whoever is assuming the role looks quite weird in their predecessor's clothes. Usually their character doesn't fully take shape until the Doctor has chosen a new outfit from the tremendous wardrobe in the TARDIS.

So what might be appropriate for the new Doctor? Allow me to make a few suggestions...

An awesome jacket

Here's a very young Peter Capaldi in the film Local Hero, in which he sported this rather lovely Tweed (I think?) jacket. As a more mature Doctor, I don't think it would be appropriate for Capaldi to go too casual, so I'm hoping for quite a smart costume. A jacket like the one above would probably be too similar to what Matt Smith currently wears, but some form of well-cut blazer or coat would add that touch of class without being too restrictive.

Something incorporating period detail

Yes, Doctor Who is a science fiction show, but it's also about time travel, and I personally tend to most enjoy those episodes which take the characters into the past. Here's Capaldi in Dangerous Liaisons, the style of which suits him very well in my opinion. Obviously the powder wig is a bit much, but something like a cravat, dashing waistcoat, or brightly-buttoned coat would be an excellent addition. Personally I'd love to see some military detail in there somewhere, which would be a nice contrast to the Doctor's generally peaceful yet sometimes raging nature.

A long knitted scarf

This is a promo shot for The Ladykillers, which I was lucky enough to see onstage. In the play, the scarf proved to be hazardous for Capaldi's character (I won't give away the ending but trust me it's not that practical). But it also added a comic touch as he kept gathering it up or getting it caught in closed doors. The Doctor often has a playful side to him and a long scarf could be a part of that, plus it's a nod to Tom Baker's costume.

A classy pair of glasses

As with David Tennant's Doctor, these wouldn't necessarily be worn all the time (though that's also a possibility) but could be pulled out at opportune moments to inspect things like alien machinery and timey-wimey particles. Capaldi was recently in one of my favourite shows, The Hour, and I thought these classic 50s lenses suited him very well.

By my calculations, if the BBC costume department were to take all my advice, Capaldi might end up in a nice coat with a cravat, military waistcoat, long scarf and glasses! Hmm, sounds a bit much. But I am very much looking forward to seeing what he does wear. In the meantime, let me know in the comments what you would dress the Doctor in if it were up to you.

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Unknown said...

I couldnt agree more to peter capaldi wearing a scarf! it is an absalute must! :D