Sunday, 6 October 2013

Love or hate? Desert boots

I went on a shopping trip the other day with a friend as his official style adviser (telling someone what clothes to buy - I could get used to this). We spent quite a while in Office and Schuh looking at men's shoes, and I noticed that a significant proportion of them resembled the ones above. Desert shoes, I'm led to believe by street style blogs and shoe shops, are now a dominant part of men's everyday fashion. Whatsmore, they're starting to creep into womenswear.

via Style Spot Run

There are many advantages to this style that I can see: they're practical without the encumbrance of a heavier boot; the one colour means they'll be easy to match with things, and, if you get it right, they can look pretty stylish (see the example below for reference).

via Street Etiquette
But, on the other hand, our first reaction on encountering these shoes was essentially: "they're a bit basic - they look like you've made them yourself." Fashion has a love/hate relationship with that old adage that "less is more", so I can imagine some people revelling in the minimalism of the boots, whilst others are after something with more obvious signs of craftmanship. My personal opinion is that it depends how you wear them, but what do you think? Let me know in the comments!


Elisa B said...

Those have been around for ages! They were very on trend in the 70s but they have always been around, like dc martens: they never go out of fashion! I must say I like them! They match almost every style! I find them very stylish and smart on men, and on women they are just one of the expression of the tomboy style! I've got a pair myself, even if they're nothing like my usual style. I sometimes wear them tho, i like having different styles in my closet... You never know when you're gonna feel like channeling Cher or Grace Kelly. It kinda depends oh how you wake up xD

Midnight Cowgirl said...

I kind of like them :)

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