Sunday, 17 November 2013

What's In My Bag? Going to lectures

Pens & notebook - for obvious reasons. Sometimes I'll take the little notebook you see in the picture and at others I'll cart around my big A4 notepad, depending on how much I feel like carrying.

Tissues and throat soothers - fresher's flu has just about passed by now, but it seems only to have gone away just in time for a round of winter colds. I know how distracting it can be to have someone coughing throughout the entire lecture, so I take these everywhere just in case. And the Kleenexes are useful for all sorts of things as well as coming in a super-pretty little packet.

Victorian novel - the one you see here is Bleak House, but I've now moved on to reading The Picture of Dorian Gray. The reading is probably the most intense part of the course, and necessitates delving into Dickens whenever there's a spare moment, so I tend to take whatever I'm reading wherever I'm going.

Tinted lipbalm - despite finally becoming interested in make-up of late, there's now not much time for me to experiment with it! Or at least, I'm mostly too lazy to bother, so a dab of this on the way to and from places has to suffice on most days.

Newspapers - the bottom one is The Oxford Student, in which I've now had a fashion feature published! You can read it online if you so choose; it's an exploration of the morality of fashion houses in the wake of the D&G tax scandal. The paper on top is Cherwell, which is basically the intense rival of OxStu, but I read it anyway. In part this is to keep up with the competition, but it's also because they sometimes have cool features like interviews with Laura Bates and Tavi Gevinson.

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