Tuesday, 31 December 2013

What's In My bag? NYE

This New Year's Eve, I'll be with a small group of friends, all of whom I've missed immensely while at university. I imagine it will be a night of champagne, dancing, and people hijacking the playlist for their own purposes. It will also be a great opportunity to dress up. Even though we won't be going out anywhere, there's no reason not to pile on the glitter! After all, much like that rule about Halloween from Mean Girls, New Year's Eve is the one night of the year where a girl (or boy) can wear as much sparkly stuff as they want and nobody can say anything about it.

So I'll be dressing to the nines and fortunately I've already taken a photo of my outfit for the OxStu's NYE Lookbook. If you're interested in what the rest of the editorial team is wearing, do check it out! I picked up this long black dress from a nearby vintage shop, along with my old faithful gold faux-snake heels which are second-hand Miss Selfridge. But the pride and joy of this outfit has to be the gorgeous bag, and of course its contents.

Accessorize Clutch Bag - So I've been eyeing this up for a good month or so now, and I've fallen in love with similar bags in Accessorize before and always regretted not buying them. This one was extra special because, well, just look at it, it's so Dolce and Gabbana don't you think? So as soon as Boxing Day hit, I went into town armed with a giftcard I've been harbouring since last year and bought it for just £17 of my own money (it was originally £37, went down to £27 in the sale, and I had £10 on my giftcard). I think it's beautiful, and might even try to do my hair in a suitably D&G style to match.

from Style.com

Moleskine notebook - I haven't decided on my new year's resolutions yet, but I think I ought to have somewhere to write them down if I think of any. That makes them feel more real.

Phone - Not sure if I'll even be coming home or just crashing on the floor after staying up into the early hours of the morning, but it's always good to be able to call home if need be. Plus, more importantly, I can use this phone to tweet throughout the evening! Ah, the twenty-first century.

Hair clip - I'll have an array of hair accessories, some of which may start the evening in my hair, but I'm fairly certain that they won't remain there because I don't have much patience with them. At some point though I'll definitely want to tie my hair back up if I feel like it's getting in the way, so best to be prepared with a range of bands and clips.

Necklace - It was my birthday the other day, and at my party I was given various lovely things by all my friends, including several gorgeous pieces of jewellery. This is the one I've chosen for tonight, because its length should match the neckline of the dress. It's from my friend Cachelle, and when I opened it I seem to remember exclaiming that it looked like the kind of family heirloom which has magic powers in fantasy novels. I had had a bit to drink by that point.

Make-up - I was really in the mood for some dark lipstick the other week, so i spent a good half an hour in Boots and Superdrug selecting the perfect shade. I ended up with this one by Kate Moss for Rimmel London which is called 'Wine', a perfect description, because it leaves your lips looking like they've been very elegantly stained a drink of merlot. It was also very reasonably priced, which is always a bonus. The gold eyeliner is from Miss Sporty, and always a good bet when wearing gold accessories. basically I'm just obsessed with gold.

Scarf - A birthday present from last year, this ought to keep me warm on the relatively short walk there. It's quite thin, but also very long so you can wrap it around yourself several times or use it as a shawl

Camera - I'll attempt to capture a few moments of the evening. I doubt any of them will make it to this blog, but you never know when a great fashion moment will occur.

Happy New Year to all my readers! I hope you have a great evening, whatever you're doing. And all the best for 2014.

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Mallory In New York said...

I love this bag! Its so chic and I can't believe you got it for only £17! :)

Have a great New Year!