Saturday, 22 March 2014

Quick Update #2

Well hello there, it has been rather a long time hasn't it? I'm afraid I'm going to do another post like the one I did way back in November to let anyone who cares know what I'm up to. I do have some proper posts in the pipeline (most of them have been there for some time) but this is a useful way for me to, if not excuse, at least beg for your understanding in why I haven't been posting often.

Since my last post:

  • I've finished my second term at university, and in the process studied all sorts of things including Virginia Woolf, Anglo-Saxon poetry, the short story, and feminist literary theory. It's gone so quickly this time, and despite the looming specter of exams, I'm looking forward to going back.
  • I've become fashion editor of The Oxford Student! If you're wondering where all my fashion output is going these days, do like us on Facebook or follow our Twitter account for updates on what we're doing.
  •  My review of The Great Gatsby has become one of my most-viewed posts, presumably because everyone was Googling Catherine Martin after she won her Best Costume Oscar. Incidentally I'm by no means surprised that she won, as the costume design in the film was stunning and - I have to say - outstripped the others in the category.
  • I've bought several fab things from charity shops, including two £1 jumpers, a glittery top, and the dress I'm pictured in above. Here's a fuller image:

  • I've written fashion articles about age, religion, gender, and individuality, as well as overseeing and styling this lovely shoot with vintage clothes from The Ballroom Emporium.
  • On a non-fashion-related note I also wrote this about the pressure for university life to be the best time of your life, and it had a very positive response from readers.
  • Costumes so far this term have included dressing as The Magic Mirror, a Grecian Urn, and wrapping myself in a rainbow flag.
  • I made a floor-speech at the Oxford Union (oh look there's a photo of that too)
Credit: Roger Askew
  • I can't think of anything else. Rest assured I will post at least one more thing before I go back to university, but as I say, if  you don't hear from me for a while, keep up with OxStu Fashion since I'll mainly be doing that.

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