Wednesday, 26 March 2014

What's In My Bag? TEDxOxford

Even though I'm a student who has to attend lectures regularly, I actually gave up the whole of my Sunday a couple of months back to go to a TEDx conference and listen to a whole host of interesting and inspiring speakers. You've probably heard of TED, and a TEDx conference is essentially the same except it's been independently organised. As well as a day of listening to thought-provoking speakers such as Laura Bates, Anders Sandberg, Susan Greenfield, and Augusta Thomson of the Girl Rising project, we were also treated to goodie bags! This is what mine contained along with a few things I gathered during the day.

TEDx tickets, wristband, and program - It was a slightly miserable wait outside in the rain before we could go into New Theatre, but once inside we were extremely excited for the conference to begin. The program was packed with speakers, all of whom had a very short slot. That was the best thing I think, because even the most engaging speaker can lose the audience's interest when they have too much time to fill.

Gloves - It was a very cold day!

Thermos - This was part of the goodie bag. We were so excited about them that we ran over to the cafe where we'd had breakfast (Combibos Coffee, a place a heartily recommend if you're ever in Oxford) and asked for our drinks to be put in them.

National Geographic Traveller - Also part of the goodie bag; I do like a good copy of Nat Geo, if only for the photography.

Phone - In contrast to most events which take place inside a theatre, the organisers encouraged us all to leave our phones on and to Tweet and Facebook throughout the day. It was slightly odd having your Tweets favourited and retweeted by several people who you knew were in the same room but didn't know where they were!

The Oxford Student - We went to Blackwells for lunch and happened to find copies of the OxStu there, which had my article about university life in it.

This happened quite a while ago now! I've had this post in the works for a good two months. Anyway, we really enjoyed the day, and if there's a TEDx conference happening near you I definitely recommend getting tickets, or even volunteering to help out. You leave with all sorts of interesting ideas buzzing round your head and it's a great way to spend the day.

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