Monday, 9 June 2014

I Want It! Selected World Sweatshirt In Map Print

Have I ever mentioned before that I adore anything with a map printed on it?

I mean you might have guessed from my collection of travel-themed luggage but I don't think I can have fully impressed on you, dear readers, the extent to which I will pay attention to even the weirdest item if it's got a map on it. I've considered buying a men's cycling jersey before, simply because I liked the San Jose map on its front.

My obsession is, apparently, well-known amongst my friends. It was only logical, therefore, for my friend Amber to message me a link to this divine piece when she saw it on ASOS.

This has a particular air of history about it (something which I think draws me to map prints), since it seems to show Tartary, the Medieval term for an area which now encompasses Siberia and Turkestan among others. Yet this is offset by the very modern sweatshirt cut; the contrast makes this just the right kind of cool.

I like to think that, wearing this, I'd look simultaneously relaxed and (I'm sorry there's just no other word for it) fly. I'm not sure if that's really the case (I certainly wouldn't wear it with white trousers as the model is daringly doing), but I feel like the power of map-print would make me feel like a confident world-traveler anyway.

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