Friday, 17 July 2015

Links a la Mode & developing the blog

It's always nice to have a post in Links a la Mode, and this week it's particularly gratifying, because I was trying something a little different with my piece about Clinique's new campaign. I'd like to have a lot more of this opinion-based writing on the blog, because although I love thinking about shopping and outfits (and will still be writing about those) I also like having the chance to create some in-depth analysis.

I used to do this a lot more like when I responded to John Galliano's new appointment or wrote about elitism in fashion journalism, but would really like to make this a staple of the blog. I hope my readers will enjoy this kind of piece, which I plan on doing regularly. In fact I've got a lot of ideas for developing the blog, including a redesign and guest posts, but that may be a little while off.

Anyway, make sure to check out the rest of the links. My personal recommendations would be the review of The Rise of Sneaker Culture on Style Curated, and the playlists on Fashion Tales.

Links à la Mode, July 9
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