Saturday, 30 January 2016

My Favourite Etsy shops (plus an EXCLUSIVE offer for Fashion Moriarty readers)

Etsy shops are a maze of hidden treasures. Sometimes it seems you can get anything in the world that you could possibly want, and at others it seems that one thing which you really want is eluding you. In general, the range of available sellers is a little overwhelming.

Etsy really ought to have an online editorial output like ASOS magazine: something to find the up-and-coming sellers and interview them for the benefit of regular users. Until then (Etsy, you're more than welcome to contact me if you'd like an editor for this hypothetical magazine) I thought it would be good to gather together a few of my favourite Etsy shops in one post. There's even an exclusive discount available for one of them. So read on if you want to discover something new, and I hope you'll comment your own favourites below. Happy shopping!

Cold Hard Stitches

Cold Hard Stitches is run by my friend Trina and stocks an array of gorgeous hand-picked vintage shirts. I love this city skyline one in particular: anything with a vaguely Dolce and Gabbana feel is a winner with me. What I love about these shirts is that they cover a range of styles - grunge, art deco, formal blouse - but are all versatile enough that they can be worn to work or a party with equal flair. Trina has very kindly offered a discount code for readers of the blog, so enter the code MORIARTY20 for 20% off.

Little Darling

Over Christmas and my birthday (which is just after Christmas), it was quite funny how several people gave me small, delicate pendant necklaces: bees, stones, anchors, and rings abound. I love all of them, and was rather pleased that I clearly have a strong enough style that my friends can find something they know I'll like. It's no surprise then that the pieces from Little Darling, which are indeed both little and darling are particularly enticing to me. I like the Midas touch necklace pictured above because it's so dainty, but also because the design vaguely reminds me of Hula Hoops (the crisps, not the play equipment) so it has a lovely nostalgic element too.

Marco Black

One of my favourite things to browse on Etsy is the huge range of fan-art, geekery, and memorabilia for my favourite movies and TV shows. And honestly, who doesn't want a cushion with Miranda Priestley and one of her most cutting lines on it? This would look so good if I had a black leather sofa to put it on. Marco Black's illustrations combine iconic imagery with a minimalist style. I'm sure Miranda would agree it's all very chic.

Illustrated by Jonathan

I don't know the Jonathan of Illustrated by Jonathan personally, but he does hail from my home town of Winchester, and so I love his pictures of the city like the snowy statue of King Alfred above. His style is very bright and cheerful: the kind of thing I want on my wall, especially when it reminds me of home. He draws all kinds of places, from New York to the Matterhorn, so go see if anywhere you know is featured.

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