Saturday, 12 November 2016

Weekly reading list 12/11/16

Fashion and retail news and features

Burberry profits down 40% as costs rise - from what I've seen, Burberry has been struggling for a while. Personally I think it's the type of business we need to be supporting in Britain to maintain a global presence after Brexit, so let's hope it can get back on its feet.

Why we still care about royal style - I've just started watching The Crown and loving it. As Jess Cartner-Morley points out here, the show's sumptuous costumes are all part of its success, and that's because we are still - perhaps now more than ever - obsessed with what the royals are wearing.

M&S to close clothing and home stores - ever since I started reading about fashion (about 7 years ago), M&S has been throwing everything at their clothing sales. And it's never worked. I think this is the right move, though I hope they'll be selling their famously good quality tights and underwear in a small seciton in the new food-focused stores.

Lunch with the FT: Tom Ford (£) - lunch interviews are always good for covering a rambling selection of topics, and that seems necessary with Ford, a veritable polymath. Jo Ellison talks to him about everything from business and design to film and family life.

Other top picks

Zadie Smith interviews - with her new novel on the horizon, Zadie Smith seems to be in the pages of every magazine I look at right now, perhaps because the London press and the New York media feel equal claims upon her. Since there are so many, I'll recommend three: Stylist, the New York Times, and (another) Lunch With the FT.

Canadaland: Tabloid! (podcast) - Canadaland's discussions of the media landscape are always relevant, even beyond the Northern border. But on occasion I can find the show a little righteous in its approach, this episode proved to be refreshing listening as host Jesse Brown and writer Marc Weisblott have a lively debate about the future of journalism.

Writing by me

Review: The Power by Naomi Alderman - I mentioned this book a couple of weeks ago, and this week I had a review published by The London Magazine on their site. I thoroughly recommend the novel if you like dystopian concepts, social commentary, and exciting, brilliant writing.

Drink of the Week: Mexican Wallbanger - This cocktail actually contains the (discontinued) Trump brand vodka, should you wish to either toast the President-Elect or drown your sorrows...

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